Play & Learning

Outdoor play at Y Pelican is boundless.  We are fortunate to have a great outdoor space for our children to explore, flourish and make a mess!  Historically children used to spend most of their time outdoors and there is now a wealth of research extolling the benefits to children’s wellbeing, learning and development. It helps develops disposition for the outdoors, for physical activity, and care of the environment.

We believe that there is no bad weather – just inappropriate clothing. Come rain or shine we hope to get every child outside at least once a day.

Children love to play, and play often mirrors what is important in their lives. Play can be quiet or noisy, messy or orderly, funny or serious, strenuous or effortless. It can take place inside or outside and develops as children grow and change.

Children play for different reasons. Sometimes they are exploring or learning new things. At other times they are consolidating existing learning or practising a skill. Play can also be a way of building or strengthening a relationship. Children often play simply for fun and enjoyment. They bring their own interpretations of situations, events, experiences, and expectations to their play. Children need time to develop their play. They like having spaces inside and outside, and often enjoy playing with other children and adults.

What is the staffs’ role in play?

We will provide children with the support, props, time, and space to develop their play. This role involves many dimensions such as when to intervene and when to stand back. We will take time to observe, consult, plan, and participate in play. We know the great potential for learning that play offers (developing skills and abilities, providing opportunities to co-operate, developing friendships, taking turns, resolving conflicts and solving problems, and developing knowledge and understanding of the world). Y Pelican understands the importance of play for all children. In order to make the most of the opportunities that play provides we will plan for, support and review play in order for our children to grow.

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